Bathroom Plumbing Kent

bathroom-plumbing-kent-waYou depend heavily on the bathroom plumbing in your Kent, WA property for normal day-to-day living. From using the toilet to brushing your teeth to taking a shower, there are many daily routine tasks that you will have trouble managing if the bathroom plumbing is not working properly.

At Auburn Plumbing, we offer professional services to keep this important part of the entire plumbing system of your property working. You can call us to handle:

  • Installing new bathroom plumbing fixtures
  • Fixing bathroom plumbing problems
  • Replacing or upgrading bathroom faucets and other fittings
  • Plumbing maintenance or inspection in the bathroom

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, whether you need a new bathtub in your bathroom, need toilet repair done or want bathroom faucet repair services.

Toilet Repair Kent

toilet-repair-kent-waClogged, running and broken toilets are probably the most commonly occurring bathroom plumbing problems. These are also issues that simply cannot just wait. And the repair of a toilet is not a DIY job! If you have discovered the problem long after the normal business hours are over or on a weekend and you do not know how to fix a toilet that won's flush thankfully you need not panic!

We are here 24/7 to take care of your emergency toilet repair needs in Kent. Call us, day or night, and rest assured that our plumbers will reach you quickly and will handle the toilet repair in your Kent property. You can trust our experts to:

  • Make efficient, long lasting repairs
  • Use top-grade toilet repair parts
  • Complete the job fast

Bathroom Faucet Repair Kent

bathroom-faucet-repair-kent-waBathroom faucet repair is another common job handled by our plumbers. Defective faucets in the bathroom sink, bathtub or shower area can be very annoying. Delaying bathroom faucet repair can even lead to water wastage and increased utility bills.

Call us immediately and schedule a visit from our bathroom faucet repair experts to your Kent home or business if the faucet develops issues like:

  • Dripping spout
  • Leaking handle
  • Low water pressure

Our plumbers are up for any big or small bathroom faucet repair. They know how to fix faucets, from how to fix a bathroom faucet double handle to how to remove a faucet handle without screws, and more.

Call 253-392-1646 to hire the experts at Auburn Plumbing for bathroom faucet repair, toilet repair and other bathroom plumbing services you may need in the Kent area.